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IT RAINED LAST NIGHT!!!!! It's only 78 at 10:30am!!! But, the rain did not affect the fireworks last night, Jessica forgot to watch them. She was watching the Miss Texas pageant. IT JUST STARTED RAINING AGAIN. IT'S REALLY COMING DOWN IN BUCKETS!!!!
Jessica is looking forward to July 14th., when the DALLAS COWBOYS start their summer training camp here, in Wichita Falls. There will be an even bigger, closer fireworks that night, I'm sure we won't forget to watch that one.

It's now 2:30pm, and the temp is STILL 78. Unbelievable! Big puddles in the driveway, too. Question: Why is it thst you drive on a parkway. and park on a driveway?

Almost 7:00pm now, and the high was only 84. Absolutely delightful!

THE HIGH WAS ONLY 92 TODAY!!! After 19 straight days of 100+, such a relief! We have had 24 days of 100+ so far this year. It is supposed to rain, I hope it doesn't rain out the fireworks tonight. Of course, this 'cool' spell is only going to last three days, so I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

If you want to know what our totally unnecessary weather is doing today, go here. It's really unbelievable. Kelly is out cutting some of our 13 1/2 acres of grass(weeds) so if a fire starts, it won't get too close to the house, hopefully. Kristopher and Jessica are out playing in the"lazy daisy" sprinkler(really its an octopus, but the kids don't care). Jessica is working on her own page, I'll link it as soon as its presentable.


Eight straight days now above 100+. And at least three more before it 'cools' down to the 90's, but then it might sprinkle and raise the heat index right back into the 100's. Is this for real? Surely I have imagined it all and will wake up from this night(day?)mare soon.

Jessica was printing coloring pages today, and wanted one of an adult Monarch Butterfly. Can you believe that SurfWatch would not let her go to the page? I had to turn it off so she could print the butterfly.


Mom and Dad celebrated their 53rd anniversary Thursday. I simply can't relate to that. Jessica is having fun in summer school, she gets to use the computer every day to practice math, reading and writing. The weather is hot and muggy, we got a couple of inches of rain this week, but not enough to turn the grass green. I guess we will have to wait until fall for to green up again. At least it doesn't need to be cut when its all dried up like this. The fireworks stands will be open next week, then we will have to watch for grass fires, as the cities ban them and all the folks come out here to set them off. That does not make sense to me, seems like it would be safer to set them off where you have a hose handy, instead of having to call out a water tanker. I guess the politicians are like catfish, all head and mouth, no brain!

Jessica wanted this image on the page so we put it up. It makes the other one look silly, I think she is better at picking images than I am. Now I've got the text around the image like I wanted it. I went to the college library today, and this is the first thing I've figured out how to use.

We got this cute little bird at WTV Friends. Jessica says that Tweety is a girl, but there seems to be quite a debate about this on the web. Meanwhile, she is gathering all her resources to tell us everything she can about her favorite cartoon character.

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